Baby Flat Anti Roll Head Pillow

€34,99 €49,99

Our Baby Flat Anti Roll Head Pillow is designed to mimic a mother's womb to make your baby feel safe and comfortable. It comes with a U-shaped pillow that prevents your baby from rolling over. Your little ones will also not easily wake up when startled because they feel secure. No need to worry about sleep time even when traveling, as this is very portable. You'll always feel accomplished when your baby has a long, comfortable sleep.

  • Ultrasoft Material: Made from breathable mesh, polyester material, our base prevents uncomfortable perspiration on your baby's back and you can be sure that it's safe for your little one.
  • Ergonomic Design: Features flat head support to effectively prevent flat head syndrome. It also has a U-shaped pillow to make sure your baby doesn't roll over in their sleep.
  • Sound Sleep: Prevents your baby from waking up when startled and helps baby feel secure throughout the night, due to its nested comfortable shape.
  • Portable: It's simple to carry anywhere with your baby. You can use it at home or when traveling. Just insert in any stroller, crib, baby bouncer, car seat or swing. 
  • Washable: Keeping it clean is easy as it's totally washable.